If you are an Este-FAN, you are surely member of the Conga Mailing List... and you would must to know why it's called conga!

The Conga Mailing List was created the 24th may 1994 from Roy Sette, the 31st may 1994 there were 14 members, while the 21st december 1998 there are about 400 members.
During the month of may 1997 the server was changed and putted in Chile by Andres Plaza.

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Every day from 10 to 20 e-mail (you will recognize them because the subject will be ahead from the word [conga] ) will arrive in your post box . NO... don't worry.... during the most important moments they double... he he he... I joke friends but BELIEVE ME... it is worth the trouble!
Pay attention be sure your provider give you so much space....

Not far it has been created the Official Logo's Conga.
Some members has created their own logo, during the first poll have been choosen only three of them.
Then at the end, after a very long poll, we had had the official logo, the one created from my very best friend Patricia Carrion that lives in Madrid in Spain... it has been a great truggle to the last vote...
You can see all the logo created from conga members, watching the the results poll.

If you will send messages to one other Este-FAN coming from your country you can take a look to the list member divided by nationality.
You can find more informations on the Official Conga Mailing List Website.
Go there and visit it, it is designed and updated by Rachel Clark and Chrissy Swinimer.